The Megalodipticus is an amphibious bipedal herbivore that dwells primarily in temperate wetlands. They can be observed emerging from hibernation in lowland swamps in early June to mid July at which time they commence their annual migration in search of coffee. They have adapted well to urban areas where they are often found grazing in backyards, and occasionally in kitchens where they are lured by the scent of freshly brewed coffee. Some efforts have been made to domesticate the Megalodipticus however they are generally considered an intractable and noisy pest, so this is not really recommended. Historically, captive Megalodiptici, have occasionally been incorporated into the entertainment at travelling fairs and carnivals, as they are seen as something of a novelty outside their natural range.
Goings on

Collaboration 2020

Utter Zoo by emily shapiro

The Megalodipticus is very pleased to be collaborating with Elizabeth Brown, Emily Suzanne Shapiro and the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra in their presentation of UTTER ZOO, an audio video extravaganza.

  •          Watch the Trailer here

  •          Watch Part 1 here

  •          Watch Part 2 here